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PHMS Health Product SuitABPM50 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

CONTEC08C Electronic Sphygmomanometer


CONTEC08C is a desktop Electronic Sphygmomanometer,with segment LCD. It can measure SpO2 and NIBP accurately,and display measure result with big font.The Electronic Sphygmomanometer can store the measure results of three users, and up to 99 items for every user. With review record data function, easy to use. It can be applied to the clinique,physical center.


Main Features

■Fully automatic blood pressure measure.

■Stores the measure results of three users, and up to 99 items for every user. Free to switch, easy to use.

■Display measure data with big font digital LCD. NIBP data is clear at a glance.

■When there are factors which affect the measure in the process of measure and the device can't get the measure result, the device can display the corresponding error message.

■With the functions of time setting, blood pressure measure, user switching and data review. The operation is simple.

■With short-time power storage function, when replacing the battery, the clock time function can't be affected.

■Supply two kinds of NIBP measure unit: mmHg / kPa.According to habit to switch.

■With SpO2 measure function(with optional SpO2 probe).

■With function of automatic power-off. The device will be off automatically when there is no operation for a long time(more than 5 minutes ) or low power.

■Communicate with PC, PC software can achieve data review, analysis measure results, seeing trend, printing reports and other functions.

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