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CMS-VE Visual Electronic StethoscopeHMS7500 Multi-parameter Vital Signs Monitor

CONTEC08A Electronic Sphygmomanometer


CONTEC08A is a desktop Electronic Sphygmomanometer,High-definition color LCD display,supply English/Chinese interface,Strong visibility.Fully automatic blood pressure measure,it can be a household sphygmomanometer which is used for adult, pediatric and neonatal.The device has the function of parameter measure,display and record output,and adopt data review interface such as "data list", "trend chart", "big font",with SpO2 measure function(with optional SpO2 probe).It can be applied to the clinique,physical center.


Main Features

■Fully automatic blood pressure measure

■The Electronic Sphygmomanometer stores the measure results of three users automatically, and up to 100 items for every user.It can satisfy blood pressure measure requirement of all your family.

■Three kinds of measure modes : adult, pediatric and neonatal.

■By data review interface such as "data list","trend graph","big font", NIBP data is clear at a glance.

■With SpO2 measure function(with optional SpO2 probe).

■Has the function of physiological alarm.It can be set the alarm limits,when blood pressure is higher than the high limit or lower than the low limit, the physiological alarm will occur.Alarm switch can be set.

■Screen displays prompt message when the power is low,and the device gives low power prompt sound.The prompt sound switch can be set.

■When there are factors which affect the measure in the process of measure and the device can't get the measure result,the device can display the corresponding error message.

■With short-time power storage function, when replacing the battery, the clock time function can't be affected.

■Supply two kinds of NIBP measure unit: mmHg / kPa

■Store measure results with date and time.

■High-definition color LCD display,supply English/Chinese interface, strong visibility.

■Communicate with PC,PC software can achieve data review, analysis measure results, seeing trend, printing reports and other functions.

■Function of automatic power-off.

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