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Research and Production

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Our company was creating brilliant achievements, accumulating abundant experience in medical, electric and software, but also cultivating a group of professional technical personnel, which stands the front ranks in Hebei province and even in national medical enterprises. R & D center equipped with advanced test equipment(such as oscillograph, field-strength meter, signal generator, multi-parameter simulator) and special test product line meets routine requirements.


Production workshop covered 4500 square meter owns several advanced production equipment, (such as full-auto SMT, Solder paste printing machine, Reflow soldering, etc.), DMG Numerical Control(NC) center, 18 advanced and automatic product lines. We make sure that we take the advantages of fine management by the introduction of advanced production technology and ISO9001: 2008 and ISO13485: 2012 quality management system in domestic industries. Now the passing rate for our products have reached to over 98.5%, and product performance and quality can reach to the international advanced level.

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